ADH stands for “Active Direct Help” and that is exactly our principle: We help in such a way that the help also arrives.

We recognize need directly locally and provide active help to improve people’s living conditions. Exclusively on an honorary basis, we are grateful for our friends and supporters who make our work possible and help us to help. 

Since its foundation in the year 2000 the association ADH e. V. provides development cooperation among other things in different countries of Africa: Our destinations were Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon and South Africa, in addition also China and other foreign states

ADH founding members Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt and their team have been active mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2004. In order to build up the projects there long-term and independently, we founded the Congolese subsidiary association “ADH Congo Asbl” there in 2011 with members from the Congo. This association pursues the same objective as its counterpart “Aktive Direkt Hilfe e. V.” here in Germany.

The documentation of the past actions can be found on this website, which is now being continued as an archive.

Follow Wolfgang and his current activities on his independent website.

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