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“Sponsor a Book” is more than just donating books to children/youth/teachers and parents … we are interested in building character and bringing value back to a world that knows so much misery and lack of moral.

Through our seminars and teaching aids, we dedicate time to train teachers and parents to use our books and materials in a positive way. Every book is based on character building; we have now access to more than 100 “book products” from children to grandparents that focus on: -Making decisions -Taking responsibility -Working together -Overcoming difficulties -Giving -Kindness -Courage -Perseverance -Friendship -Positive outlook -Honesty.

…imagine a country where thousands of students learn daily from trained personnel on these subjects. Perhaps not now, but in the years to come these youth will be the leaders of their country. We are trying to bring light where the world needs it most … we begin in Sierra Leone, but we don’t want to stop there. Around the globe, we are trying to motivate business men to unite and make a personal initiative to get involved in such a project as “Sponsor a Book”.

We look forward to that day where we can reach tens of thousands of lives and make a positive wave throughout Africa–throughout the world. This opportunity has been launched by individuals who personally want to get involved and consider it an individual endeavor to make a change in the world …  please join us in this effort.

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